10 Must Have Oils for Witches



Get your “Bitch” back in your life. This is a commanding oil, that forces others to do your will. Can be used when you want somebody to do something and you want them to understand why.  

Also, use for repayment of money.

Idea: Wear or anoint a green candle to coerce someone to do your bidding.


Used to kick ass in any contest and gain power over others, no matter what the purpose.

Use this oil when you have many obstacles and enemies in your path. Jealousy is a vicious and pernicious emotion that can make good people want to rip anothers good fortune apart. This oil helps neutralize that horrible acid which starts to eat away at relationships and people. It brings optimism and a good vibe to all who come into contact with it.


  • Anoint a purple candle to increase the power of your spiritual ritual

  • Wear it as a perfume on your wrists, chest, and forehead. gloriously.


For folk magic purposes (not involving consumption of this poison herb), foxglove can be used in various ways:

  1. as a protective herb for the home or garden

  2. to represent the element water.

Welsh women used foxglove to create a black dye in which to draw lines on their homes’ floors to keep evil spirits out.

Warning: Toxic, may be fatal if eaten!


Gives success in court and intensifies power of any love spell where there has been problems. This is a overall love-healing formula to soften a hard heart and settle quarrels. This blend has a soft, compassionate approach to calming things down when tensions get high.


  • If the apartment or home you are moving into had quarrelsome people living there, then use this oil in a diffuser to bless and cleanse the home. Use with pink or white candles.

  • Can be worn as a daily perfume.


The Universe often has ways of taking care of us in times of need, but it will draw the line at excess.


  • Use this oil to add power to any spell or charms you use for playing lottery.

  • Anoint this oil on vanilla or orange-scented votive candles, and light them while you are picking your lottery numbers.


Used in practice of black arts to create discord, tension, and havoc; used on fetishes, charms, red, or black candles. Works very well when working with evil spirits to hex someone who has wronged you. Bat’s Blood is all about personal power and integrity and the ability to no longer be a victim. It will fortunately help call the ancient Spirits to our aid.

Bat’s Blood illuminates the negative entities around us; with it’s guidance we discern where and when the choices of our past have manifested . It’s always within us to accept or repel energy… with the help of Bat’s Blood we find clarity for this purpose. So when you’re facing such a situation, with all the nastiness you can muster use Bat’s blood Oil to transmute your intentions and release the negativity towards those who have offended you!

A sturdy companion during troubled times, you can depend on Bat’s Blood to help you re-establish your personal self awareness and commitments and clean house of all of those nasties, whether they be human or spiritual.

Bat’s Blood engenders a rare occult quality to accurately put us in touch with our personal ideals and values and give us the power to tear apart those who have wronged us.


Sun God or God of Light, his name means light-bearer. He was angelic or faerie like having either butterfly or dove wings. He is THE elusive butterfly of love. Timid, fragile and reclusive. Love personified. He was deeply associated with the wilds and the lesser animals of the forests, preferring their company to that of cruel humankind.

Lucifer Oil or Illumination Oil is a creation based on the fall of Lucifer as he fell to earth. He is recognized in Strega (Italian Witchcraft)


  • Used to invoke and honor Lucifer in your rituals and ceremonies.


Baphomet is The Goat of Mendes whom the Templars were accused of worshiping. It a Goat-Headed deity, being formed of both female and male principles, with a Caduceus of Mercury for its phallus. It is a potion that stimulates the mind and spirit.

Baphomet oil is as complicated as the god, and is made in a Waning/Waxing Moon combo process. The intent of this oil is to create balance to dissolve past karmic associations and to bring about manifestation, so it is excellent to use in meditation, ritual and ceremonial magick.


  • This is a very spiritual oil that creates a focused environment. Use in a diffuser.


Goddess of the Moon and of the Crossroads. She is the mother of the Underworld, goddess of magic and mystery. Invoke her powers for council and wise wisdom. Where there is a problem that is too difficult for you to handle, ask her guidance and protection from harm.


  • Wear hecate oil during rituals of defensive magick.

  • Also wear during the Waning Moon in honor of Hecate, goddess of the fading Crescent.


This oil is used for seduction. Period.


  • Can be worn, or used in a diffuser. I like to place it in a diffuser in the bedroom about 30 minutes upon retiring with my partner. Who can resist its charm? It literally causes sexual desire in anyone that comes in contact with its scent.

Mabon Blessings


The theme for Mabon and the Autumn equinox is "Giving Thanks". Mabon is the Witch's Thanksgiving, this is a time where the Sun's path crosses over the equator, traveling south. We now celebrate the darkness as the whole world honors equal night and day. The summer is gone. This was the time when the ancients and our ancestors gathered fruits and vegetables from the gardenin preparation for the winter. this is a time to give away what welonger need. We now must reap what we have sown from the spring equinox. Many people find this to be the perfect time for storing their own fruits and vegetables by canning, pickling, and other storing methods . With the fall comes cooler, crisp air and the dulling of colors. Everything is now turning with the season, there is a restlessness in the air and the harvest moon is round and almost wheat colored, glowing from the sun.

The flaming color of the leaves is a reminder that life burns most intensely just before it dies. Mabon is the time where we can reflect and remember those friends and relatives who may have died in the past year,as we watch the falling leaves. We give thanks for the abundance in our lives, as the sun is about to enter Libra, the cardinal air sign of balance.

"We celebrate the time of lengthening darkness when the night equals the day by putting to rest all the activities of the summer." R. Barrett

Restoring Balance with the Libra New Moon


The metamorphic Libra New Moon occurring October 8th, aligns with the perpetual nurturer asteroid Ceres, prosperous fixed star Boötis, while sharing frustrating aspects with both transformative Pluto and illusive Neptune (who is still moving backwards in its retrograde journey). To top it all off, the planetary ruler of Libra, Venus, is moonwalking in the sign of Scorpio (heading backwards to Libra). 

With all the chaotic, dramatic, and intense energy permeating the air, we are all called upon by the universe to release and break free from the shackles and constraints of society. As we release toxic relationships, fears, and self doubt, we may feel mentally taxed. While there is glory and gratification in challenging the norms of society and status quo—it can make us feel energetically drained and in desperate need to clean our auric field. 

While we nurture society, by fighting for our political and personal beliefs, we need to remember to take care of ourselves as well. Restoring inner balance by practicing self care during these unpredictable and uncertain times can help us feel aligned and centered, focused, and ready to take on the injustices of the world.

Tea of Dreams for The Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is a celebration of past efforts, serving as the culmination of the past year, as it’s time to pick crops for the new season. Falling close to the Autumnal Equinox, the Harvest Moon is the first Full Moon of the season, creating abundance, as we reap the benefits of our past efforts. Change is in the crisp autumn air, as we honor Mother Earth for her laborious work in cultivating fruits, grains, and vegetables for all living beings. 

With the Moon in the sign of fiery Aries, we must consider our innermost passions during this luminary, focusing on implementing change and growth for the new season. The Harvest Moon awakens our dreams and inspirations, forcing us to let go of past fears and move towards individuality. Luna serves to wake us up, as a response to the ever-changing world, the spark to initiate the new version of the past vision, allowing us to plan the future. 

Before moving forward, enjoy the fruits of your past labors during the Harvest Moon, by ingesting power and magic, as you become one with your intentions. Enjoy a spicy tea blend which will awaken your senses and exhilarate your mind, as you manifest your seasonal goals. Use Pepper and Ginger to ignite the passion of Mars (the planetary ruler of Aries), Cloves to purify and cleanse, Pumpkin Seeds and Mandarin Peels for abundance, and Tea Leaves for courage, under the orange glow of the Harvest Moon.